Smart solutions for document management

Your employees may still lose time looking for documents? Officials from the office I spend up to eight hours per week searching for documents, which is a waste of time and money of the company. This may, however, be avoided. With a solution Canon for document management, you can more effectively manage your documents, you can reduce manual processing and allow consultation instant and secure your documents from anywhere.
Therefore, if you want to work in a smarter way, save your company's money and reduce stress from your office by managing your documents, you can now.

Distribution of documents

Sending documents can be slow and frustrating, especially when you have no idea whether your document has arrived. Using a secured solution Canon for distribution of documents, you can share in an instant your important documents with colleagues and business partners from anywhere. No matter if you share them with a person or a group, you can be sure that the process goes smoothly and that the persons concerned will be able to work with your documents without delay. Therefore, if you want to work more effectively by sharing the documents in economical way, you now can.


There are now regulations which require protection of personal data. Your organization is subject to the risk of substantial fines if you can't ensure the confidentiality of these data.

  • What is the value on which a grant of confidential data?

No matter if it is about business plans, statistics or data sensitive personal, information contained in the documents you produce may represent himself the breath of a company.

  • Canon respond successfully to the challenges of security

Understand the vital importance of protecting continuous data confidential. At the same time, we know that security is not a matter of the kind “all or nothing”. That's why we offer a wide range of features and security solutions that can adapt depending on the particular requirements of the average working individual. No matter what are the specific difficulties that you are experiencing in regard to protection of personal data, no. we can give you the control.

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